25 years of professional and quality solutions

GRC Impianti Srl has been operating since 1995: the long experience and entrepreneurial tradition of G.R.C. are a guarantee of quality and professionality.
GRC Impianti offers turnkey solutions and professional services of design, construction, maintenance and management of technological, thermo-hydraulic, electrical, telephone, anti-intrusion and civil works systems.

Public administration and private are both our customers.

G.R.C. Impianti has always provided highly qualified services thanks to its specialization in maintenance and management of technological systems of different nature and size.

In addition, it has full experience in the construction and renovation of residential and non-residential buildings – hotels, buildings and hospitals -, electrical systems, MV / LV transformer cabins, water, heating and air conditioning.


The design is divided into different areas. The company is able to satisfy any type of specific request.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Preliminary and executive design
  • Evaluations and any calculations for the preparation of tenders
  • Drafting of adaptation projects for fire prevention
  • Direction of works

Implementation involves the construction and renovation of buildings for industrial activities, accommodation facilities and residential properties


  • Thermal power station
  • Transformer cabins MT/BT
  • Power center distribution electrical panels
  • Cooling towers
  • Clean and anechoic chambers
  • Air conditioning and treatment units
  • Heating of buildings and warehouses
  • Water treatment plants
  • Construction and metallic carpentry works
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Civil and industrial electrical systems
  • Structural consolidations
  • Interior design

Maintenance is fundamental when planned. Programming allows you to maintain the efficiency and quality of systems.


GRC Impianti offers scheduled maintenance with the support of an advanced computer system that identifies predictive actions and minimizes corrective activities.

At the same time it contributes to personnel safety by optimizing time and costs.

Furthermore, the GRC deals with the sanitation of aeraulic systems.

The management and maintenance of industrial and civil buildings with a wide range of services.


GRC Impianti offers a complete management of buildings together with their systems.
It provides specific specialized professionals in various sectors such as electrical and thermo-hydraulic, lighting and air conditioning systems.

GRC Impianti takes care about cleaning, disinfection, porterage and maintenance of the green.

Building Automation is essential for optimizing energy resources. Recent regulations prescribe automation requirements and obligations for new constructions.


GRC prepares the integrated and computerized management of the systems of each building.

It also checks that all functions are regularly integrated.


  • Sistema di gestione qualità – Certificato N. IT00/0118 (Qualità) – conformità alla norma ISO 9001:2015: con validità fino al 21/05/2021.
  • Sistema di gestione sicurezza – Certificato N. C2020-01856 – ISO 45001:2018
  • Sistema di gestione ambientale – Certificato N. C2020-01855 – ISO 14001:2015
  • Qualifica di Terzo Responsabile
  • Azienda certificata F-Gas
  • Attestato SOA N. 57143/10/00 nelle seguenti categorie:- OG 1 classifica IV

    – OG 2 classifica I

    – OG 11 classifica II

    – OS 28 classifica II

    – OS 30 classifica IV





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